Main Patrons of the conference:

Dr. Rózsa Hoffmann,
Secretary of State for Education

Prof. József Pálinkás,
President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences



Members of the Organising Committee:

From the Ministry of National Resources:

Sándor Brassói

Szilvia Némethné Dr. Pallay
vice chair

Anikó Orbán

Krisztina Kolosyné Bene

Mária F. Tóth

Györgyi Szakácsné Nemere

Rita Köteles

Other experts, organisers: 

László Balogh
National Talent Support Council

Ferenc Sarka
Public Foundation for Education

Zsófia Fülöpné Gali
Public Foundation for Education

Péter Bajor
Hungarian Genius Project

Csilla Fuszek
Hungarian Genius Project

Zsuzsanna Szilágyi
Hungarian Genius Project

Zsuzsa M. Szilágyi
Hungarian Genius Project

Mónika Réti
Hungarian Institute for Educational Research and Development

Andrea Kis-Menyhárt
Public Foundation for Education



Ministry of National Resources:

Hungarian Genius Integrated
Talent Support Programme:

National Talent Programme:

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